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Visionary Strategies is an organization that is distinctly focused on the empowerment of women and diverse people in workplaces both from a leadership level as well as equality of pay, voice, and perspectives, thereby building conscious businesses with integrity and ethical foundations. With this continuous North Star in our daily actions, we are reaching out to women and organizations that want to contribute to raising the bar and creating a global presence of authentic self and company leadership through workshops that provide tools and support to realize this vision.

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Meet our founder
Kathie De Chirico

Kathie is a dynamo in the work world. She is known for her transformational management style and her ability to deliver meaningful institutional change within organizations. Her team brings this management style to growing organizations that are ready for the next level of structure and market penetration. Their work with emerging leaders guides them to make long-lasting strategic decisions, create passionate and high performance teams, while utilizing the art of vision and mission to empower, inspire, and drive significant corporate results.

Drink Like A Lady
with Kathie De Chirico & Joya Dass

Kathie is a brand strategist. Joya is a recovering journalist. Each week, on the Drink Like a Lady Podcast, they share tactical advice to support women getting a seat at the bar —and the boardroom.


Kathie De Chirico 
and the women of business

Listen in as Kathie hosts The Women Of Business on the Price of Business Radio. Tune in and learn more! Find Biz Talk Radio in your area below.

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